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Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Pastoral Glimses" - Melody Potpourri from 1990

Well, this one is made entirely for fun...
I collected some of my melodies from long ago (most from 1990-1991, a couple from 1985) and "stitched" them in the following two-part sequence. Most are played on a little Yamaha PSS-680 keyboard (see below) that I had in Germany in 1990. It was rather like a toy, very entry-level in its capabilities, but was actually fun to play, to see what it could do without any programming (only with preset styles). You will also hear such exotic intruments as "drawing a rubber string" across the piano lid, plucking grand piano's strings with metal paperclips, etc :). Needless to say they are all improvisations, kind of like a light-hearted melody potpourri, celebrating the goodness of country living.

"Pastoral Glimses. Part 1" - Click Here for MP3

Contains (10 min. 8.1 MB file):
1. Patched Blue Jeans (1995)
2. Russian Folk Tune (arr. 1990)
3. Drawing Water (My Bucket Got a Hole In It) (1985)
- also based on some long-forgotten Russian folk tune
4. "Dubinoushka" (arr. 1985)
- old russian work song (kind of like the American "Yo-ho-ho, and the bottle of rum")
5. Gathering Mushrooms (1985)
- kind of slowed-down country rag.

"Pastoral Glimses. Part 2" - Click Here for MP3

Contains (11 min. 8.4 MB file):
6. Leaves, Roots, Fruits & Berries (1989)
7. Odessa's Barbershop Quartet (1990)
8. Coming thru the Airwaves (interlude)
9. Bright Times (1991)
10. Sleepy Afternoon (interlude)
11. Pastoral Glimpses (1990)
12. The Ballad of East and West (1991)

("The Church and Farm of Eragny" by Camille Pissarro, 1895)

@ 1985-1991, 2006 Cloud One Studio


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