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Monday, September 18, 2006

"The Panorama Suite" - 7 Piano Pieces from 1997.

These instrumental pieces were composed as a continuous improvisation and recorded live one morning in 1997 (after spending a week in Panorama Resort in British Columbia).
My future wife and I were just falling in love with each other... so it is dedicated to Rachel (part 6, especially).
I am not sure if I ever have time or ability to make the proper arrangements for these pieces - so they are performed on the piano only (with an occasional preliminary vocal track).

Part 1. Arrival - Click Here for MP3
Part 2. Song - Click Here for MP3
Part 3. You Told Me Once Before (original version) - Click Here for MP3
Part 4. The Mountains and the River - Click Here for MP3
Part 5. Bicycle Ride - Click Here for MP3
Part 6. Love Song by the Lake - Click Here for MP3
Part 7. Forever After - Click Here for MP3

photo by Avi Abrams (Click to enlarge)

@ 1997-2006, Cloud One Studio


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